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Power of Attorney for Turkey

Power of Attorney Services for Turkey in Multiple Languages

About Our Services

We prepare powers of attorney in accordance with Turkish legal requirements in English, German, and French languages.

Importance of Detail in Turkish Power of Attorney

Turkish powers of attorney can be more detailed than those of many other countries. Individual authorities must be explicitly mentioned in the document. If an authority is not specified in the power of attorney, the agent cannot perform the desired action. Thus, it is critically important that your power of attorney is prepared correctly and thoroughly.

Information Required

  • Identification details of both the principal and the agent.
  • Addresses of the principal and the agent.
  • Relevant land registry record, divorce decree, population registration excerpt, and other potential necessary documents.
  • Other documents (old IDs, name change documents, etc.).

International Considerations

If you plan to draft a power of attorney in a foreign country, it must be notarized in that country’s notary or by an institution with notary authority. Afterwards, to ensure its recognition and validity in Turkey, you will need to obtain an apostille certification. An apostille verifies that a document is officially recognized in a foreign country.

Especially powers of attorney notarized abroad might be met with skepticism by institutions in Turkey (e.g., the Land Registry Office and banks) and often might not be deemed valid by these entities.

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If you need a power of attorney in English, German, or French for Turkey, you can contact us. We draft specialized texts for foreign country notaries and institutions with notary authority. Therefore, to minimize representation risks within the scope of the power of attorney, you can seek our professional support.

We offer our legal consulting services at a flat fee or hourly rate. We offer various consultation models! You can inform us about the subject by email or by filling out the form below and request a cost estimate, or call us at +90 212 660 49 00 (Istanbul) or +49 30 677 901 90 (Berlin), or send us a message through our WhatsApp hotline at +90 543 449 49 00 to arrange a consultation appointment.


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